Lets Do A Walkabout!

Of the hundreds of thousands of photos I have taken of my kids, the ones that are on my wall are the candid shots. The ones where you catch a moment. A smile. Laughter. A Hug. That can't be staged and there is nothing more magical than capturing a real moment and having it last forever.

So here's my plan. Lets pick a place ( there are some good ones below on the map) and I'll bring my gear and lets capture a moment. No stress. No staging. Just something real and lasting. I've been all over this city and know where all the good spots are. The key is to be creative. Rain is awesome. Falling leaves, yup. Snow can be absolutely beautiful. So don't worry if its "bad" weather, some of the best photos I have ever taken were in the rain or snow.

Sessions start at 250 depending on the location and time desired but as always we can work on the price if that's too much.